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Block ID182:0
Available fromMaison du charpentier
Selling Price
Block ID182:1
Available fromMaison du charpentier
Selling Price
This building material consists of beams of dark wood surrounding a core of earth or uncooked bricks. Made by the carpenter for use in the village's buildings or for trading with the player.
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[edit] About

There are two types of timber frames: Cross and Plain. Both are made by the Charpentier. The difference between the two types is visual, as well as placement in a building. Neither type are flammable, so upgrades from wood to timber frames help prevent villages from burning down.

  • As of patch .9, all houses that had walls of wooden planks in their last upgrade are now upgraded to timber frames.
  • If there is an upgrade requiring cross and/or plain timber frames, and there is no Charpentier, then you will have to find another village that sells the frames to continue upgrading the village without inventory hacking. You will need to find another village, start a new world, or wait until the village builds a Maison du charpentier and a teen grows into a Charpentier and a girl moves in.

[edit] Japanese

The japanese can also make the timber frames in their Shugi ie and it is made by their Saikushi. There is no icon in the trade menu unless they need it for construction, that is the only time that you can trade it with them.

A Cross timber frame (left) alongside a Plain timber frame (right)
A fully upgraded Maison du charpentier, made of Plain and Cross timber frames. Note that the Cross timber frames are used only on the borders of the walls.

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