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Norman Pickaxe
Norman Pickaxe
Item ID1778
Available fromForge
Selling Price
  10Denier Argent0Denier
This pickaxe mines as fast as a gold one and is as durable as an iron one. Perfect for those long mining expeditions! Careful though, it does not mine obsidian.
Objets normands
Normal Tool Set.


Enables the miner NPC to collect resources faster. He collects a maximum of about 80 blocks a day without the tool, and 120 with Norman tools (as per patch notes for ver. 0.4.3).

Note Note:

  • Durability: 251 uses
  • Efficiency: Equivalent of Golden Tools
  • All but the hoe are basically faster (higher efficiency) than diamond, but less durable. The hoe can be thought of simply as a reskin of a diamond hoe.