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Uxul Otoch
(Carver's House)
Uxul Otoch
Building found inVillage Costumbre
Village Jub'uy
Village Milpa
Width10 meters
Length10 meters

[edit] Carver's House

Carver's Home. This home was used by the village carver. The carvers would often store their supplies in the home for easy access in their creations.
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[edit] Upgrades:

Starter: A small house made of dirt walling, wooden slabs, wooden stairs, and wooden planks. Inside are two locked chests, a small locked chest, two crafting tables, a furnace, three sandstone blocks, and five stone blocks.

Upgrade 1: Rebuilds walls and floor with cobblestone, and makes a three cobblestone wide and two long "doorstep".

[edit] Requirements

StoneCobblestoneWood (any)Oak WoodSandstone
Upgrade 1114
Upgrade 2204
Upgrade 3114
Upgrade 4216
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