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Item ID1799
Block ID121
Available fromMahal
Mukhiya ka Ghar
Selling Price
A staple food for the villagers, rice can be purchased from the village. By itself, it has no flavor, and cannot be eaten by the player. The village children grow faster if they have rice at home.
Objects Parchment


[edit] Description

The Indian and Japanese nations both grow and sell rice and you can learn how to make rice from the town leaders of both nations. It is used for a variety of things from food to making paper.

[edit] Crafting

Rice is used in crafting Vegetable Curry along with one Turmeric, and is used in Chicken Curry along with one Turmeric and one chicken.

CraftChickenCurry.png CraftVegetarianCurry.png

[edit] Growth & Growing Conditions

When left alone, rice seeds planted in farmland will grow to become rice which can be harvested. Planted seeds need at least 1 block of air above them to grow, and grow more quickly when planted near abundant water and sufficient light. The image below shows the stages of growth from newly planted seeds to wheat that is ready for harvesting.

ML Rice0.png ML Rice1.png

When fully grown, villagers can get 1 Rice from a rice crop. As of 2.3.1 update, players can harvest rice only after learning the skill from the town leader with a reputation of "Friend of the Village" or higher.

[edit] Rice Farming

Rice Farming works like Wheat Farming. You plant the rice on farmland near water and light. Then you wait, and there you go, rice to make Chicken Curry or Vegatarian Curry.

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