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Amulets are objects with special abilities within the Norman Culture. They are only available for purchase from Viking Merchants.

Amulette d'Yggdrasil - Amulet of the Yggdrasil
Amulette d'Yggdrasil This Amulet informs the player of their height or depth.
Amulette de Sköll et Rati - Amulet of Sköll and Rati
Amulette de Sköll et Rati Uniquely amongst amulets for having a finite use limit,
This Amulet changes the time from night to day and day to night.
Amulette des Nains - Amulet of the Dwarves
Amulette des Nains This Amulet will glow indicating ore deposits are nearby.
Amulette du Corbeau - Amulet of the Raven
Amulette du Corbeau The first added amulet, This Amulet will glow warning the player that mobs are nearby.
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