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Marriage?!!! (The WIP Wife Dowry Addon) [edit]
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.4

I am unsure of the limitations of player housing so this might not work, but IF a player housing can be populated by NPCs then one could essentially create a player house with a wife/husband populating it. If that doesn\'t work though one could possibly take a regular house then and add on a subbui...

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The Inuits [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.9b

Years ago while playing Millenaire I thought to myself, I like the snowy biomes, it would be nice if there were some Millenaire villages that could spawn in them. Since that day I have been making the Inuits culture, it may have taken quite a while and may have a bug or two for now, but here give...

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Song Culture (CHINA) [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Norman   Author:   Version: 1.0

These Villages are similar to the japanese. But they have byzantine tiles used in some of their houses. Villages; Main palace Village: Qianggou The Town Hall is exactly like the Japanese Palace. I inform the on who made the Japanese Culture. The other town hall is original. Villages: (2 so ...

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Village Hamlets for Other Cultures [edit]
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Norman   Author:   Version: 1.0

This adds hamlets for these cultures: Byzantine Norman (ONE HAMLET MILTARY) Japanese One Custom Building: Japanese Barracks

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32px skins for Japanese villagers [edit]
Category: Skin Pack   Culture: Other   Author: VelvetClaw   Version: 1.0

These are custom textures I created to fill in as support for the following 32x resource packs: Summerfields by Lithiumsound and Cuddlewoozle; Enchanted resource pack by Steelfeathers. NB - these skins were created for Millenaire 2.7.8 only, and so some of them are still not complete. No furt...

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Custom Culture - Medieval Poland (update - now with Stained Glass and Clay!) [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: Ysil   Version: 0.4

=-=-= ANNOUNCEMENT: So... I guess that we are going back on the track with this one. Honestly, I\\\'d love to work on this project and I have waited for long to finally be able to complete it. Since we are long after the 1.7 update (while 1.8 is at breaking dawn), it is my solemn duty to announc...

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Norman Buldings improvement [edit]
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Norman   Author: felagund   Version: 1.0

Here is a new version of all normand buildings. The buildings act just as the originals but their look is different. Don\\\'t use with existing villages ! To install, just unzip the files in .minecraft\\\\mods\\\\millenaire-custom\\\\cultures\\\\norman\\\\custom buildings ...

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Replacement of the Norman Core Buildings in Millénaire [edit]
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Norman   Author: Crik_Crok   Version: 2.03

OVER 10K OF DOWNLOADS IN THE EARLIER VERSIONS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Is the most downloaded in the library! General description: Aim of this pack is to add more gameplay to Millénaire. My intention is to make a norman culture in XIII century. I tried to make a good pack to Millénaire and yo...

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(WIP) (x128) Improved Millenaire patch for \\\\ [edit]
Category: Texture Pack   Culture: Other   Author: oblisgr   Version: 1.1

Hello, I have recently discovered that my favourite resource pack called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"sphax purebdcraft\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" supports Millenaire to a point. Most items were created and most of the blocks. I took the time to complete the item and the blocklist (except...

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1.6.4 Blocklist - backwards compatibility + new & forgotten blocks (1.1) [edit]
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: lorddamien   Version: 1.6.4

Hi folks, I\\\\\\\'ve added all blocks until 1.6.4, including pots with all vegies, all kinds of redstone stuff (buttons, droppers, levers..), activated trapdors to create shutters and big pots, ANVILS, etc.. I will be very happy if you can test it and report any issues within. Miss any blocks...

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