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Teuton Culture [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: Xour   Version: 0.2

This is a first look at the Teuton culture I have been making, If you find any bugs or mistakes the please post them in the Teuton discussion in the custom content forum or message me, I do already know of a few bugs (including all the ones with the villagers that do not have skins) and a few of the...

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Millenaire 7.0.0-A1 [edit]
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: Xour   Version: 1.8.9

This is an upload of the new millenaire version for 1.8.9 just extract from the folder. It\'s an exact copy of the one from the discord server. I\'ll add the new versions as they come.

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Support for lots and lots of Biomes from various mods (plus vacant houses for five core cultures) [edit]
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: RiverRunning   Version: 1.1

This Addon is a combination of mexifelio\\\'s, SoNick\\\'s and Ticlon\\\'s Addons for biomes with some fixes for Millenaire 6.0.0 and therefore is almost entirely their work - all thanks goes to them but this way you get all their work in one nice package :) Compatible with Millenaire 6.0.0 or ea...

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Realistic World Generation Support [edit]
Category: Utility   Culture: Other   Author: Jig_Jag   Version: 1.0

Based on SoNick\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"Biomes Support!\\\\\\\" mod.

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Marriage?!!! (The WIP Wife Dowry Addon) [edit]
Category: Village Buildings   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.4

I am unsure of the limitations of player housing so this might not work, but IF a player housing can be populated by NPCs then one could essentially create a player house with a wife/husband populating it. If that doesn\'t work though one could possibly take a regular house then and add on a subbui...

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The Inuits [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: felinoel   Version: 0.9b

Years ago while playing Millenaire I thought to myself, I like the snowy biomes, it would be nice if there were some Millenaire villages that could spawn in them. Since that day I have been making the Inuits culture, it may have taken quite a while and may have a bug or two for now, but here give...

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Abandoned Rail Station and Roads [edit]
Category: Lone Buildings   Culture: Norman   Author: Mikayel   Version: 1.0

This adds in over grown roads that were once used for merchants to travel across as well as old rail way stations that used to transport goods and people.

Viewed: 204   Downloaded: 56   Last modified: December 27, 2014, 1:35 am
Song Culture (Chinese) UPDATED!! Now with lone buildings and quests!! [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author:   Version: 2.0

This Culture has been Updated!!! Added: New Villages and New Lone Buildings: Bandit Barracks Bandit Camp Lone Farm Lone Pagoda REMINDERS: the lone pagoda from the lone building pack was copied.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Miscellenous\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Barracks Farm Forge Army Forge Peasant House Chi...

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Millenaire Rework of Vanilla Villages for Minecraft 1.7.10 [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Other   Author: druha   Version: 1.1

This is a Millenaire rework of the vanilla Minecraft villages. This is an update for Minecraft 1.7.10 and Millenaire 6.0. It includes a full, complete culture, both plains/forests and deserts villages, all vanilla buildings plus a new town hall, all regular NPCs with new textures, all NPC shops p...

Viewed: 659   Downloaded: 110   Last modified: November 9, 2014, 5:43 pm
Song Culture (CHINA) [edit]
Category: Custom Culture   Culture: Norman   Author:   Version: 1.0

These Villages are similar to the japanese. But they have byzantine tiles used in some of their houses. Villages; Main palace Village: Qianggou The Town Hall is exactly like the Japanese Palace. I inform the on who made the Japanese Culture. The other town hall is original. Villages: (2 so ...

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